A Day Without Death - Rev. Dr. Bob Kaylor

March 27, 2016

A Day Without Death


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Back to the Future - Bob Kaylor

April 1, 2012
Palm Sunday 

Surprised By Hope
Part 5

Our future is not all about doom and gloom. Rather it is a future filled with hope because Jesus will return as King!


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A Shepherd Tells the Christmas Story - Bob Kaylor?

Christmas Eve
Family Worship
at 5pm

Children's Message 

A shepherd shares the Christmas story with the children at our 5pm Christmas Eve Worship Service.


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The Rule of Peacemaking - Bob Kaylor

October 2, 2011

The Rule of Life: 
The Sermon on the Mount

Week 4

The followers of Jesus are called to stand in the gap - making peace and advocating for justice. This sermon covers the final triad of Beatitudes.


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A Disciple's Hands - Bob Kaylor

September 4, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

You can tell a lot about what a person does by looking at their hands. 


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